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Our story

BalloonLah was opened in February 2020, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Back then, the atmosphere was gloomy when everyone was cooped up at home, trying to get used to the "new normal".  

With an expertise in industrial gases, we started our online store providing disposable helium tanks for our consumers. 


Fast forward many months, BalloonLah has become the No. 1 Online Disposable Helium Provider in Singapore, offering not only helium gas but your party essentials too. 

By continuously provide the highest quality of product and service, we hope to make a happy difference in your celebrations.


Redefining celebrations

Party planning don't have to be tiresome. 

They are meant to be fun!

At BalloonLah, we aim to bring you the maximum fun and convenience when setting up your party decorations.​

Adding the magic of
personal touch

When we celebrate, we acknowledge

the significance of someone special. 

When we decorate, we put our thoughts

to create memories for the special someone.

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